Intellectual Property

The beginning of intellectual property:

Intellectual property rights are not the result of this moment, but derive their roots since 1873 when it declined a large number of inventors foreigners from participating for fear of exposure ideas for looting and commercial exploitation, and therefore has been the emergence of the first international treaty concerned with patents and legal rights and political inventor and that was in 1883 are:

"Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property"

This was the Convention on industrial property rights are the seed that put the rest of the agreements, including the intellectual rights of literary and artistic works
And has found room for the application of intellectual property internationally more effectively through the protection of intellectual property, where the back of this form based on the desire of many multinational companies with international activity in securing intellectual property protection for each of the (patents and trademarks), and accordingly issued GATT (Trips) in 1994, which stipulates provision of this agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights and trade that have arisen under the World Trade Organization (WTO)
Then became to all affairs of intellectual property international organization charged with administering the approval of the Member States of the United Nations.

And the Egyptian had pursued the project with development and issued a law to protect intellectual property No. 82 for the year 2002


The importance of intellectual property:

Intellectual property allows to inventors  privacy and that what is invented or industries what Innovate of an intellectual and artistic creations it will be the source and owner .. It also provides an incentive and motivation for this inventor of creativity and achievement and therefore States shall grant intellectual property rights such as the protection of creative activity and human efforts for the advancement of human progress.