Vision and Mission


We are looking forward the enterpreunering among not only regional but also international Offices.This is through the collaboration in educational researches and cultural sectors in different universities.

Moreover, we are intimately catching up the updates of recent scientific tools that enable our universities to reach the highest rank all over the world.



ICTTI office is establishing new channels and collaboration between different regional and international universities in several agencies & cultural scopes.

These channels of collaboration will be carried out via several agreements and twinning projects that enables our university to expert the experience in different educational research scientific fields. Thus ICTTI will enrich the staff of ASU to empower their faculties to implement the mission and goals of the university. In Addition, ICTTI helps the researchers and academic staff not only to find grants to fund their researches but also will provide them with technology investors that enable to get their researches to be technology applied. These technology applied researches need patency that will be provided also through our office to protect the researcher, the university and the technology investor rights.